Owners Site Conditions

1.Our caravan sites are private. There are no objections to immediate family members of the owners using the caravan. This extends to parents, sons and daughters. This does not extend to cousins, aunties etc.
2.Dogs must NOT be exercised on the park. Some owners feel it is all right if they pick up the accidents. This is not acceptable. For the health and safety of all people on the site it is most important we keep the grass clean and free from deposits. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.
3.All caravans must have adequate insurance cover. The Company does not accept any responsibility for damage to caravans, fittings or belongings. A valid certificate from a reputable insurance company should be placed in the office.
4.Caravans sold privately must be removed from the site. You cannot sell your caravan as a package on our caravan sites. Your tenancy is not transferable.
5.As a matter of clarification a space between vans is for the benefit of whose van door occupies that space. To avoid misunderstanding the space from your van to the neighbouring van takes you right up to their slabs, thus leaving a pathway around your van for cleaning windows etc. No articles or boxes etc can be stored in this space. No gas bottles unless piped that way by the manufacturer. No gardens should be laid around the slabbed area opposite the door side of your caravan. Should you wish to clarify any of these points, please contact Gordon Hawkins.
6.Please treat the space between you and your neighbours van as a private area. We would ask people to refrain from walking through their neighbours space to protect their privacy.
7.Caravans must be kept in good and proper repair and in a good state of external decoration and weatherproof at all times.
8.All caravans must be electrical tested every three years and gas tested every year. Copies of test certificates must be left at the office.
9.No articles are to be stored underneath caravans - this is a By Law of the local authority.
10.No tradesmen are allowed on the sites unless the office has been notified. This includes deliveries.
11.Please take down any washing lines at the end of the day. We realize that there is a need for washing etc, but please do not leave washing out overnight or washing lines as a permanent fixture.
12.Metal steps and verandahs must be kept painted and free of rust.
13.Hallmark are the approved contractors for plastic steps and verandahs. Please see the office if you would like anyone else - for various reasons some suppliers are not allowed on our sites.
14.No stakes are to be placed in the ground under any circumstances.
15.On Skegness Sands and The Beeches, cars are to be parked in the hard-standing car parking spaces provided - not on the grass. Visitors cars are not to be parked on the roads or the grass.
16.Refuse is to be placed in the wheelie bins provided. All rubbish must be in plastic bags - no loose grass cuttings etc.
17.For those on bottled gas - Gas can be purchased between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm daily. Outside gas delivery trucks are not allowed on our sites.
18.Any gardens put in by a caravan owner must be kept weed free and tidy.
19.No alterations are to be made to slabs or gardens without permission from the management.
20.No extra slabs should be laid unless cleared by the office first.
21.Storage box's can be purchased from the office. These can be placed at the rear of your caravan. For any special arrangements see Gordon.
22.Bicycles must be kept to the main roads. Please ask children to refrain from cycling in private areas and in areas not associated with their caravan.
23.Visitors to the site are the responsibility of the caravan owner. Please ensure that visitors behave in an orderly manner and do not disrupt other owners.
24.No ball games are allowed on the caravan sites.

Site rules are made for the benefit of all tenants so that you can all have quiet enjoyment of your caravans alongside your neighbours.

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